A week in politics and anything can happen, so the old apothegm goes. No truer words when it comes to the ongoing Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh in Washington, DC. As a avid political watcher, I have spent several hours over a week following questioning from both supporters and opponents. At times, it has become a gong show where rules of engagement have been hard to enforce above the hubbub of protest. It is hard not to see this as a high-stakes blood feud where the Republican senators on the Judicial committee earnestly want their man duly appointed to the SCOTUS, while the Democrats are desperately searching for a way to trip up the nomination. If Kavanaugh, an eminently suited jurist, makes it, the political Right theoretically controls the court when it comes to controlling the moral agenda on issues like abortion. ┬áSo, what is the problem? The Republicans have the numbers so it should be a slam dunk. But, remember, it only takes a week or less to turn things on their head in this Alice and Blunderland world. Out of nowhere has come a fresh revelation that Donald Trump’s nominee may not be getting a smooth ride to the bench. It seems that the Dems, with help from their most senior of mavens, Senator Feinstein of California, have dug up some dirt on Kavanaugh that could possibly hold up the confirmation for weeks as public hearings are held to determine the alleged indiscretion of over thirty-five years ago. Here we go again: Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill all over again, this time with the overshadowing presence of the Me-too movement moving things along to a supposed grand moment of finale. Don’t ask me to weigh in on who is right, who is lying, or how this will all pan out, youth indiscretions not withstanding. All I know is that whatever happens, the consequences could be longserving for all parties especially Kavanaugh and his accuser. That is why watching American politics is so enthralling because it offers so many possible outcomes.