I have always tried to live by the motto that each day is to be lived to its fullest in order to appreciate its value. The Bible exhorts us to rejoice in the day the Lord has made regardless of its outcomes, because it belongs to Him. Well, today became one of those unbelievable times in my life when God showed His hand in a string of remarkable ways, and I lived to tell about it. It all started at 5:50 a. m.  when I felt a 3.1 magnitude earthquake while I was in the bathroom. It felt like a rumbling truck travelling down the hill from Harriet outside our condo, but I knew it couldn’t be that because it seemed to come from deep inside the earth. While this was my third late night one in the the 3-4 range, I can well understand why many, including my dear wife, miss them because they are heavy sleepers. After that, I decided to stay up and get ready for the new season of church with the promise of radically new things to encounter. One, traditional music was out;  two, the early heritage service was gone; and, three, Christian Rock was about to become the new form of worship. When we finally got there at the new time, we found some of our old timer friends sitting well back to avoid the heavy percussion effects. Once again, though the modern music did grate on us a bit,  the message was superb. It talked about getting to know God in a personal way that, regardless of what happens to jar our senses or cause us alarm, nothing can separate from His great love. After this morning, there should be no more talk about looking for a new church in which to worship. As a bonus, a string of nice surprises came my way in the afternoon: The Dodgers won big, the Packers and Rodgers made an unbelievable comeback against the Bears, and Irene gave us another tropical plant to nurse back to health using coffee grounds.