For the past four months the Regina Park or Camp Namegan has been attracting a lot of public attention when it comes to the plight of the homeless. Under the controversial and often intemperate ¬†leadership of self-acclaimed activist, Kristi Brett, ¬†this encampment has become the rustic home for a 100 ‘homeless types. Erected on public property, near a highway, residences, and a major shopping centre, this motley community of the evicted, drug dealers, gang members and social activists live in conditions that are truly primitive, dangerous, and undignifying. Today, the courts finally got around to ordering the camp disbanded. While I am totally in favour of this ruling, I want to see Mayor Atwell and council move to make sure that housing continues to be available to the homeless and no more encampments take place on public property. This enforcement should close off that loophole because the precedent has been set. More important than resolving this problem is to provide affordable housing by encouraging greater densification in the form of more secondary suites and backyard carriage houses.