I haven’t had much to say about the world of sports these days because my mind has been on other matters infinitely more important. But that all could be changing as my summer reading concludes, the outdoor bowling season ends, gardening winds down, the nights are getting cooler and, yes, the pennant race is starting to heat up. My Dodgers, loaded with talent as usual, are still struggling to take control of the NL west. There are times when pitching turns up while hitting stays away, and vice versa. Yet, when I check the latest odds on ESPN, they still remain the favorites to win in September, especially with Machanto in the lineup and the power to all parts of the field. Last night they won and moved within a game of the Diamondbacks and the Rockies. Maybe the time has come to get excited that my team could make it back to the World Series in October, in spite of a topsy-turvy season. Baseball is a curious sport at the best of times, slow enough to break down a play and yet fast enough to mow down the best hitter in the league, two times out of three. If that doesn’t happen, I’ve got the Packers, Irish or Premier League football to watch. I might even head out to the links for a round of golf, do some prison ministry, or get involved in a couple of political campaigns in the Greater Victoria area. All this while spending the majority of my time with that special lady in my life.