There is a guy in my lawn bowling club who is a definite mover and shaker. If something has to be done in terms of a work project, Rod’s the man to get it done. Woe to anyone who gets in his way, intentionally or otherwise. Case in point: the other day, he was heading up a work party to move personal lockers from the main site to a temporary one to facilitate some much needed construction. As the job was winding down, I happened to pass through the main clubhouse on my way from finishing a game. Earlier on the green, my partner and I had shared the thought that maybe this temporary site would be a better home for these storage bins. To check this out, I went over to survey the wonderful job these guys had done without my help I might add. What I saw were four rows of lockers neatly arranged at the wall in an unused corner of a large activity room which, if allowed to remain, would open up the original site to year-round indoor mat bowling. Bounding in enthusiasm, I turned to one of the workers, Gary, and queried If the club was thinking of such a move. Innocent comment that it was, you would think that I had just uttered the unforgivable. Rod stepped in and, between a string of swear words, let me know that my suggestion was nothing short of treasonous. The following morning, I was standing outside the now empty old clubhouse, with a group of fellow players, waiting for the start of the draw, when suddenly one of them, who happened to be the head of the building committee, raised the point that maybe the lockers had truly found a new home. For the next ten minutes, at least six others affirmed his and my point of view. As for Rod’s uncharacteristic rudeness, somebody in earshot took me aside and explained that his wife was going through a very critical operation and he might be under a lot of pressure. Of course, I wouldn’t think of holding it against Rod for such an outburst because I, too, have had my lapses for a lot less, but it is good to know the other side of the story before passing judgment.