This true life crime biography is definitely a major improvement on the twins version of events in “Reg and Ron Kray: Our Story”. While this autobiography is full of glorifying braggadocio and self-serving inaccuracies, Pearson’s “Profession of Violence” is a more objective and verifiable version of two closely-connected lives in the process of unraveling in the most sordid manner.  There is information here that describes, in colorful and lurid detail, the perps and figures that made up this modern Dickensian world intertwined crime, fear and poverty. This was time when control of the East London underworld was up for grabs and the upstart and thuggish Krays were game to take it on. Theirs was to become a apprenticeship of running prostitution rings, operating illegal gaming houses, bootlegging, and committing murders for hire. This book puts a special accent on the complex relationship with those in the London crime world who were in or out with the ruthless Krays. If Ron didn’t like you, you were violently eliminated as a signal to others as to who was in charge, The law would eventually catch up with this dangerous duo only because they could no longer hide from one very tough cop determined to infiltrate and smash this evil syndicate. His idea was to form a flying squad of undercover police who would move from site to site of known Kray hideouts in the hope of nabbing them. The best part of this book is found in the incredibly courageous efforts to wind up the Kray gang and remove the terror from the streets.