This past week has been a time of personal reckoning for me on a number of fronts, and it all has to do with what I make of my time as I work through a nagging elbow injury that seems to be getting in the way of enjoying life. I pulled a ligament in my right elbow five months ago doing a sudden lift off a heavy bag of groceries. Knowing that it was more serious than a sprain or tendon pull, because it involved a bone-to-bone or joint connection, I needed to get it treated immediately. Lots of rest, massage, ice and heat, and moderate exercise. But there was another problem that I had not considered when I started the therapy: it was going to play havoc when it came to me pursuing my favorite sport of lawn bowling. While I thought an elbow brace would be sufficient to support the elbow while lifting and rolling a 3-4 lb bowl 46 feet to the jack, there was little improvement. In fact, the pain and discomfort seemed to worsen while the strength of the roll seemed to diminish. While I enjoy the game at my new club and feel that I am a more competitive bowler for playing at a higher level, I have to be cognizant of the fact that the underlying issue is forcing me to make subtle changes to my game: lighter bowls, shorter jacks, fewer games, and more rigorous treatment, which could ultimately cool my passion for this sport. Consequently, I decided to take a break from lawn bowling for the rest of the season with one small concession: a friendly roll Wednesday evening using my left hand – something I have already done quite handily. That also includes keeping my arm in a sling and putting my golf game on hold. Since making this decision, I realize that I have now over ten hours to fill with less strenuous activities, which shouldn’t be too hard with the three educational courses I have just signed up for with Coursera and some summer reading still needing to be finished.