This is definitely the hottest stint of summer weather we have experienced since moving here in 2011. Average daily temps are around 26-30 with high UV and humidity readings for the past three weeks with no rain in sight. So how does one cope with this hot spell both indoors and outdoors, when sleep, comfort, and safety are of utmost concern? Well, for starters, we hydrate more often than normal. We also wear longer and looser clothing when out in the sun; in other words, covering up, including a wide-brim hat. Where there is any bare skin, out comes the sun screen. If the condo gets too hot during the day, we either go out to the shade of the garden or the local park to read. Otherwise, out come the fans, with the blinds drawn and the special screens closed to keep the temperature bearable. News services inform us that this scenario is being acted out across the globe in hundreds of places, leading meteorologists to suggest that this is the hottest summer in modern times. At least, we, in Victoria, are not  suffering water shortages or widespread fatalities from heat procreation. Oh, yes, I have changed my lawn bowling, golfing and shopping to evenings.