There are many of us who are still trying to wrestle with the larger-than-life public persona of Donald Trump, America’s 45th president, as he continue to weigh in on and influence the outcome of world affairs. This past week has been extremely challenging as Trump lobbed yet another well-timed incendiary device, in the form of yet another tweet, into the middle of an august meeting of international movers and shakers to get their attention. When Trump goes on the record, it is usually to attack or flatter in a backhanded way. In this case, at the annual NATO summit in Brussels, everyone sitting across from him became his target for his shotgun bluster. As a transactional leader who sees himself as a consummate deal maker, Trump often goes into overdrive or overkill to make his point, even if it means excoriating time-honored principles, formalities and institutions to get there. Trump wants the world to know that he is leading the US into a new era of greatness, even if it means destroying the old order, which could very well mean trying to make friends with Russia, currently an international pariah. All very crazy and unsettling because none of the experts can be even sure Trump knows what he is doing. In so many words, a scorched earth approach that seems to impress his backwoods base back home while leaving the rest of us to wonder what next. Well, have no worries, Trump’s approach to making this world a more amenable place to American interests is to simply play the role of the crazy man that makes his opponents very uneasy when it comes to dealing with him on matters of security, trade, human rights, N.Korea, and the Russians. Slowly but surely, cooler heads are prevailing as many world leaders are learning to see Trump as strictly a pitchman whose threats, cajolery, and lambaste have little to do with the big picture reality called international diplomacy and a lot to do with an ill-conceived version of realpolitik. While Trump may make some headway on pushing his agenda of national greatness at home, he certainly won’t succeed abroad because denouncing institutions and treaties like NATO, NAFTA, Paris Accord, the UN and the WTO could redound to hurt America’s future global leadership. For the time being, I am satisfied that Trump’s two-faced, fake-news approach to creating his own compelling narrative, is effectively stymied because enough people out there are willing to call him on it, regardless of political stripe.