I don’t think of myself as an incontrovertible romantic who only sees life through rose-colored spectacles, so when I describe forty years of marriage to a wonderful lady, I am not exaggerating to cover up or pretend what was never there. This past week, we celebrated our Ruby anniversary, knowing full well that the last four decades have been both a wonderful and instructive experience where we continue to grow in love for each other as we learn to handle each other’s unique personalities. For the past couple of weeks, Belle and I have taken in a very challenging series at our church on getting Godly wisdom for the ages. Reading and meditating on the book of Proverbs teaches us the importance of applying knowledge in the right way in order to achieve the optimum results. That means living by putting the needs of others, especially those nearest and dearest, on the same level or higher than our own. Decisions should be made with both partners in mind, calling on the one with the better skill set to take the lead in making it happen. When it comes to managing finances, a big bugbear in many marriages, Belle has developed a very efficient computer system that allows us to understand and respond accordingly to how our money is being spent. The pattern over these many years has been to save while still continuing to enjoy life’s little pleasures such as giving to others and enjoying vacations. Everything in moderation is our motto, which means that, after forty years, there are few regrets and no rush to catch up on an unrealized bucket list. While we continue to be avid and eclectic readers, we have long ago realized the importance of seriously limiting the number of books in our condo. While we have a continuing passion to travel, we realize that there are only certain places, based on our travels to date, that we enjoy visiting like those in our backyard, so cruises are out. Crowning all our feeble efforts to make our marriage flourish is that God continue to give us thankful hearts for all His rich blessings, like coming to retire here in Victoria and forming friendships with some very special people.