As members of the local library my wife and I got to use the recreational pass for a week. This offered us unlimited access to the gym, swimming pool and special drop-in classes. As one who has already done a couple of months at this gym, I talked Belle into joining me for eleven hour-long sessions working out on a variety of exercise machines. While this was an abbreviated session, with limited goals, my mind casts back to 2001 when I took out an annual gym membership in our former town and proceeded to rack up around 320 visits and losing 45 lbs. into the bargain. This time we were only checking things out to see if we were up to the challenge. After seven hours on the elliptical, treadmill, rower, stationary weights, climber, and barbells, I believe I can do but for three small problems. One, if I am going to get into a workout routine, I will have to do it solo, because Belle wants to try a Pilate program at home. Two, I am not sure I want to invest hours a day during the heat of the summer. Three, I have other interests that require time in order to enjoy, such as lawn-bowling, reading, gardening, and church.