This past week I entered an open pairs tournament at my lawn-bowling club. Lots of heavy rollers and rolling in evidence this week-end, and certainly not the place for the faint of heart. So what do I do in my typical counter-intuitive manner? I bring a relative novice to the competition, only because I couldn’t find an experienced partner at a late date. For starters, we got slotted in a tough pool, facing a tough game, on an end rink that tends to have a nasty ridge down its side. While the day was pleasant socially and weather-wise, the on-the-green stuff quickly became a serious challenge. Both of us rolled well enough throughout the day to be in the games except the last one. In the first one, we came right down to the end, trailing by one, only to make the mistake of rolling a long jack and giving them a chance to draw in for four. In the next one, we took our opponents into extra ends, only to lose by being outdrawn to the jack. As for the last one, finding consistent weight in very windy conditions became our nemesis. This morning, we are back again to find that elusive victory to go with the unofficial tie from a very tiring day on the green yesterday. My big takeaway is that I have to get back to throwing draw weight, instead of resorting to take out, which I am only fifty percent good at at the best of times. There is only one regret about yesterday and that is I didn’t spend it with Belle celebrating her birthday. Tomorrow, I have another bowlspiel to attend and then I think I’ll return to the quiet of a couple times a week at the club for friendly matches. Maybe, yesterday’s experience has finally taught me that real competitive bowling that includes going up against the younger set – twenty year olds – is not for me anymore.