There are many of us who become somewhat suspicious or deeply troubled upon hearing yet another announcement that we should get used to the fact that life as we know it is about to change. What we were getting comfortable with is about to become history as we move towards something new and hopefully better. The cynic in me tells me that I have seen it all before and that there is nothing new under the sun, so why get excited? Many of these ‘big’ proclamations like the one I heard this past Sunday, at church, are as much visionary as prescriptive. In other words, institutional change for the better in installments in order to gently prepare its members for even more in the future. There is that old saw that would have us believe that life comes down to getting better or going home. I have, myself, adopted that view when it comes to becoming a better person whether it be a lawn bowler, golfer, husband, parent, friend, and Christian. Ultimately God wants me to strive, with His help, to be more Christlike in all my actions, so why all the resistance when the clarion call comes through to embrace and partner up? It is simply this, I, like many of my friends, feel somewhat alienated and overwhelmed when it comes to accepting the need for more change when we are still getting a handle on the last batch of alterations. Face it, we think we are our own best agents for practical and personal changeĀ as we search for ways to make it happen. Anybody else’s plan is often too abstract or complicated to be helpful. Here is an example of change I like and hope to see more of as condo dweller: my wife and I have been thinking about getting rid of our old couch and recliner for all the right reasons. It was starting to peel; it was too big for the room; and a smaller one had suddenly come available through my mother’s estate. As discussion ensued, suddenly the planning led to action and, before we knew it, it was out with the old and on with the new in concept and content. Beside freeing up more space and getting rid of an eyesore, we were able to do a thorough cleaning of the carpets, all at a minimal cost. Instead of a bulky, oversized recliner I now have a place, by a window looking out on the Gorge for my very friendly and comfortable rocker. Change, as initially envisaged, has taken the form of an evolving plan that opened up a whole bunch of possibilities as we move towards implementation. Back to last Sunday when our pastor announced a slew of big changes coming our way, I have decided to take everything in stride, believing that a lot of greater good may come from opening ourselves to a bigger picture. Uncertainty and lingering reluctance to give up the old comforts, but perhaps a shakeup is in order so as to realize something better.