I have just finished watching a very poignant Swedish film portraying the life of a young Laplander girl struggling to make it in society as a made-over Swede. Besides superb acting and beautiful scenic shots, this movie offers some very powerful insights into the racial divisions that have existed in this country for generations, and really only surfaced during the Great Depression with the rise of fascism and eugenics. On one side you have the established order of Nordic society down south in very refined and upperclass Upsala;  the other is the nomadic tribal existence of the ancient Laplanders in the far North. Our heroine, Elle-Marja, tries to leave the old way for the glitter of the new, only to experience incredible resistance by way of deep-seated prejudice, superstition, and wanton cruelty. It will take a very determined effort to surmount these social obstacles and, in the end, the price for succeeding might be so great as to sever one’s roots and ties to the land. The storyline is a combination of emotions that range from excitement to angst to loathing to truthiness to regret and sadness. The lead actress in this work is someone we are sure to hear plenty of in the years to come.