After reading this book on the seismic wonders of the earth’s magnetic field, I got to thinking, perhaps, that its continual shifting and re-orienting, in relation to the north and south poles, might help explain a number of current natural and social phenomena like global warming, Trumpism, and misogynism. Mitchell posits the theory that the earth is about to enter a very conclusive period in its existence when the natural order, based on a conventional north-south axis, could seriously dislocate by speeding up its magnetic disinclination. Everything from ocean currents to air masses to magma flows figure in this colossal geological reconfiguring over long stretches of time. For starters, this change potentially plays havoc with the re-aligning of the earth’s tectonic plates and all that moves under them. It also affects the movement of oceans as caused by the corresponding circulation of the atmosphere. It would be nothing short of calamitous if the Pacific gyros, large garbage repositories, suddenly went into reverse to spew out its millions of tons of plastic across thousands of miles of ocean.