Quite often we get away with things because nobody either cares to check us out or we go unnoticed. A lack of policy or a moral blind spot is quite often the fundamental cause where practice often becomes the norm. For me, it us often a matter of pushing the envelope to see how much one can get away with. But, then there is an occasion where the rules only catch up with the behavior long after it has caught on. Twelve years ago, I started writing decent-sized book reviews for Amazon.ca and Amazon.com. In return, this online retail giant rewarded me with a place to publish these very well crafted works with a rating system that took me right to the top. For someone who read a lot and did buy books from Amazon, having this platform as a virtual library and mental record helped me gradually downsize when my wife and I moved into a condo. Instead of buying $80k worth of merchandise, we borrowed the books from the library or received over an additional $5K in free product in exchange for review. Today, I am not surprised that both options have finally been denied us. Amazon has told me that while it will allow my cache of reviews to remain accessible, it will no longer publish new ones unless I buy from them. I believe the moment has arrived where my little venture in promoting literacy for free has finally come to an end. Most of the reviewers now do main electronic junk from China, so the quality of literary evaluation has virtually disappeared. Nevertheless, thank you, Amazon, for giving me an opportunity to do a good turn while allowing me to intellectually process some very wonderful books, music and film.