The last four days in prison ministry at Clallam Bay has been both a challenging and rewarding experience for me and my co-workers. Under the auspices of Kairos Prison Ministries, ┬áthirty-five trained volunteers visited a group of practicing Christian inmates inside the prison for an extended visit. We go in, twice a year, in answer to the biblical enjoinment to visit those in prison who need both spiritual succor and friendship. During this time, we were able to provide a Christ-centered program that helped these inmates reach out to others to build a stronger, more unified, community within the walls. There was a series of presentations that helped these men to understand that a life anchored in Christ overcomes loneliness, negates fear, fosters care, and expresses agape love to those in need of a friend. While it is never easy to visit a prison, with all its ugly outside reminders of incarceration, what I found awaiting me were men who sincerely loved God and their fellow prisoners despite their chastened circumstances. We were allowed to bring in food for hot meals, which were prepared by prison staff. In the time spent there, I took time to make new friends and renew old ones. I came away with a greater passion for serving in this part of God’s vineyard, both in prayer and service. The stories I heard from the inmates were a combination of amazing, droll, and sobering reminders that the life of crime may have many paths that generally lead to only one place: hard time in prison. Nonetheless, in the midst of great despair comes the wonderful opportunity for God’s loving care to work its wonders in the hearts of sinful mankind.