The last few weeks has been a time when I have learned that age is not only catching up on me but that nagging injuries are now revealing themselves more often. A case in point is that I am currently wearing a finger splint to keep the forefinger on my left hand in place while the severed tendon on its top heals over the next six weeks. How it happened is strictly accidental and beyond belief. One night, just before bed, I stooped down to quickly remove a sock and caught my finger inside it as I tried to yank it off. The momentary sharp pain and the subsequent limp look told me something was seriously wrong. After visiting the local handcare clinic next day, I got the bad news: an extended period of immobilization while a partially snapped tendon reconnects. So far, I have learned to cope by working around when it comes to keeping it clean, rigid and functional. Fortunately, I am right hand dominant but I still miss the use of that digit when it comes to gripping and holding certain items. Small consolation that it was only a partial tear and that it occurs quite regularly with seniors here in the city. By the way, someone has got around to calling the condition a mallet finger because in its dropped state it really looks like one.