All through this latest high school basketball season in the province, Oak Bay Breakers Sr. Boys were considered invincible; the team to beat because it was loaded with height, shooting, ball-handling skills and experience. Throughout the season, they lost only one game, and that to another top team from just up the road at Brentwood College. Having watched them play on two different occasions and observe a troubling moment of weakness, I wasn’t convinced that this was the dream team the pollsters were raving about. Too much reliance on outside shooting and a chronic lack of inside rebounding presence. Yes, they could put away weaker opponents with ease, but having only played on the mainland in three big tournaments earlier in the season, it was always questionable how deep this team was playing together. Well, this past week’s provincial 4A’s proved just that point. Poor old Oak Bay is ┬ájust a group of talented players who haven’t found out how to play tough, inspired ball when it counts such as coming back after falling behind early or adjusting the game plan. At the end of the week they lost three games and finished a miserable eighth in the province because they couldn’t rise to the challenge when it counted. How do I know? Like Coach Franklin, I, too, coached a team like this years ago: talented beyond belief but never came together when it counted during tournament time. Meanwhile, Burnaby South and Semiahoo, two teams lower in the rankings, were in the finals because they were coached in playing a tough, attacking inside game.