Here is an issue that is truly politically divisive in the United States today. Surveys show that those on the political right are significantly more likely to support the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms today than those on the left. How charged has the national debate on this subject become recently? For the past two weeks, following the terrible mass shooting in Florida, Americans and Canadians have been emotionally engaged in a non-stop discussion as to how to deal with the growing problem of gun violence. As someone who supports the right to use guns for recreational purposes, I think any move to restrict firearm abuse should focus on tightening the sale, or prohibition, of the AR-15 to certain people which includes elimination of the bumpstock capacity. My sources tell me that while the AR-15 is not a must acquisition for deer hunting, the real concern is having them fall into the wrong hands. The fact that this weapon has fallen into the hands of killers in big gun-touting states like Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, California, and Florida seems to suggest that greater vigilance needs to occur on the enforcement of sales and background checks. What is dogging any efforts to move on resolving this chronic problem is that the NRA, the largest gun lobbyist in the country, has the undying support of the White House and many members of Congress, to the point of politically protecting the gun culture indefinitely. My approach is strictly the pragmatic one that curtails the scale of harmful use while allowing responsible gun owners the right to hunt or target practice.