I am presently reading Peter Walsh’s book on how to downsize in an increasingly cluttered world as the older generation leaves more and more junk behind as part of an enduring but painful legacy. While I am onside with getting rid of stuff that tends to come our way because of decisions that are no longer relevant, I have some problems disposing of habits and ideas that are no longer germane to who I am as a maturing adult getting on in years. One thing I am learning very quickly since coming to live in a big city, is that while I want to downsize both materially and intellectually, there are a diminishing number of people out there who want to take over what has long gone stale in my life: books, food, toys, gadgets,  or memories. In the last few months I have decided, once again, to inspect my convoy of possessions in order to simplify who I am and what I what to do with my remaining time here on earth. So that means making more constructive use of the Internet in terms of keeping up with Canadian current events. As a longtime poster on the CBC, I have contributed thousands of detailed comments on a host of issues related to the building of a more just society. After twelve years of engaging in that ongoing discussion/debate, I have come to regard it as an absolute waste of time. For the most part, people, including myself, are either set in their ways or not informed enough to make intelligent comments on profound subjects like Kinder Morgan, climate change, or living conditions on reserves. Added to which, many participants in this democratic process are content to leave tweet-like responses that represent, at best, a gut reaction or shallow gripe. From now on, I will no longer leave comments because I see the time involved to be a clear waste of time, especially when the CBC has clamped down even tighter with censorship intent on eliminating the politically incorrect. Making it easier for me is that I have other places to share my perspective on Canadian subject matter, such as my blog site. What time I save here can be better employed in pursuing better news sites, reading insightful commentaries, and expanding my gardening interests. After so long on this track of using CBC.CA as a convenient soapbox, I have come to realize that there are really only a few valid points of view out there that cover the political, economic, or social gamut of values, so by now my profile is effectively established as a conservative moderate who occasionally lapses into the politically immoderate for all the right reasons. This paring down of time spent on this website is also seen in how I use ESPN to keep up with my teams. Since none of them are doing very well these days, I just don’t feel the need to go there. Even more time to get out and enjoy the basketball court as a ref, the green as a lawn bowler, or prison as a visitor. To get to these healthy places, I need to let go of some things from my past that have long outlived their usefulness. Based on what I shared with you on an earlier blog, my decision to shed my membership in the BC Liberal Party has brought with it a total peace of mind as well as the knowledge that I no longer need to put up with the endless stream of e-mails full of propaganda.