I have decided to walk away from the BC Liberals simply because the majority of its membership, in a leadership vote last night, has decided to back a candidate that basically represents the old guard. Andrew Wilkenson, as the new leader, at sixty years old, represents this provincial coalition of federal Libs and Conservatives in opposition to the current NDP government. As a member for the past twenty years, I have witnessed sixteen years in power and a perceptible decline in popular vote with each succeeding election. Last year’s surprise defeat at the polls became a shocking reminder that the good times do not roll on forever. Backing a nationally prominent candidate in the person of Dianne Watts seemed, for me, like a good way to reform the party and reverse the rot. Alas, that didn’t happen because the insiders – the ones who contributed big time to last year’s defeat – used a single transfer ballot system to make sure she didn’t win. Remember, this is the party that doesn’t want the NDP to adopt the preferential ballot in future elections. Talk about hypocrisy! With this new leader of the free-enterprise party chosen from caucus, it all comes down to getting back to defeating the socialists in the House and forcing another election as quickly as possible. No need to address the issues of party corruption, ineptitude, and inertia. The insiders see the future as shortly returning to normal once last May’s little inconvenient blimp is erased. Talk about showing disrespect for the enemy. This is a party that listens to foghorns rather than concerned citizens, with the results that they pretend to be fiscally responsible by bringing in budget surpluses that have actually been created by robbing blind very profitable crown corporations. Until the Liberals come up with a policy that allows greater community control of natural resources, calling itself a friend of natural resource development is a farce. I guess I have arrived at the point where I will park my vote, money and time until things change for the better.