This past week has been a time of incredible zaniness to say the least: extreme weather, strange e-mails, odd encounters, and unique circumstances to say the least. If it wasn’t driving the Malahat without winter tires, then it was receiving an e-mail from one of the key organizers at the lawn bowling club suggesting I hadn’t been keeping up with ‘paying the pig’ after each indoor game. If that wasn’t enough, I have been literally run off my feet with high-end basketball reffing assignments, and I haven’t even kept up my certification. While I enjoy being on the court, my feet and knees are crying out for a break. To finish off the week, I learn this morning that I have a cavity forming yet again under the crown that I had worked on last year for a similar issue. Maybe the time has come to rip it out. Oh, I forgot, I am starting a new week using hub phoning technology in support of Dianne Watt’s campaign for leadership of the BC Liberal Party. To say the least, there isn’t a dull moment in my life, especially when I try to connect with people through social media, sports, internet radio, a good book, or just an ordinary conversation. I have to be thankful that in all this toing and froing, I have an amazing lady in my life to keep me on the straight and narrow with great food, wise counsel, and a comforting word at the point of need. Kudos to Belle for coming with me to a tournament yesterday in Duncan and hanging out for four hours in a draughty gym and then enduring a white knuckle drive home. Most importantly, I find that God gives me patience┬áto handle each little challenge that comes my way, especially when they seem to come in droves like the last few days.