Donald Trump has always been a master of fabricating and then staging his own persona. The record shows that his projected message, in the vein of an extreme narcissist, has always been self-promotion and self-adulation, as seen through the greatly distorted medium of reality television. This guy not only openly lies about his accomplishments to nth degree but has the gall to then challenge anyone who might deny the naked truth. Now, all this blowhard, foghorn trumpery would hardly merit public scrutiny because we all know that the Donald is one of alternative media-made golems meant to sell sleaze, hotels, and cheap thrills. But there is something more to this bizarre tale that dangerously affects every last citizen on the face of the earth: he is the current president of the United States, the supposedly most powerful leader around, which brings me to the just released Michael Wolff’s tell-all biography of Trump’s first year in the White House. Yes, I will get around to reading it later this year but, in the meantime, I’ll rely on Politico and the Boston Globe to give the scoop. For over six months, controversial writer and journalist Wolff was given free reign of the White House in an attempt to get a more objective picture of the improbable first year in office of a very unpopular president who continues to attribute his ascendancy to power to his populist appeal. Some of the more explosive items in this book that weren’t leaked out beforehand are that many of White House staff secretly find their boss mentally unfit for the job and that he thinks in a totally chaotic, free-associative fashion when it comes to discussing issues of state. Without the guidance of handlers like Kelly, Mattis, and Tillerson, the Trump administration would have imploded. How long can this gong show last until Trump is classified as certifiably mad, you may ask. My answer is 2018, simply because Trump is smart enough to know that he is free to stage his own reality show as long as he gives the GOP a sense that they are getting their less-government program through Congress. If Trump’s tweets and public railings ever threaten to derail this arrangement, Pence will replace Trump as a matter of course. If that doesn’t happen this year then the Democrats will have to do their homework by coming up with a winning alternate agenda to gain control of both the House and Senate. Either way, Trump’s days of strutting the public stage as the exclusive cock-on-the walk might come to an unceremonious end. In the meantime, we have the contents of Wolff’s book to absorb, process and add to our growing memory as to how this travesty of travesties ever got started over two years ago.