Back in 2015 the Trudeau Liberals launched an election campaign to clean up corruption in government and root out delinquent taxpayers and offshore tax evaders. Two years later, after successfully winning the confidence of the Canadian electorate, it has now come to light that several key fundraisers for the Liberal Party have been implicated in a major illegal tax haven in the Grand Caymens. Stephen Bronfman, chairman of the CLP fundraising committee is alleged to have socked away possibly more than 60 million in cleverly disguised transactions in order to avoid declaring taxes. It is my hope that Revenue Canada and IRS use their full agency to get to the bottom of this scheme, and if it comes back to haunt the Liberals in 2019, so be it. Claiming to be transparent when you’re not is nothing short of heaping humbuggery upon dishonesty. It proves to me that this government is definitely controlled by the backroom boys, and that Justin is nothing more than a puppet jerking to their every manipulative move. If anything like this comes to light in the Conservative Party, I will not hesitate to express my contempt. By investing in tax havens, this political party has sanctioned the practice of illegally withholding tax revenue from the Canadian public and all that it entails. Shame!