The above three teams are ones I have followed over the years. Their organizations have an extended history of consistently winning at the national level. 2017 is the year that all three have made an important impact on the art of winning despite adversities such as key injuries and/or losing streaks. For the LA Dodgers, a sixteen-game losing skein this past September didn’t prevent them from making it into the World Series; the Celtics losing Gordon Hayward to a horrific injury in the opening moments of the season has not got in the way of them staying true to their winning ways; and Notre Dame has regrouped this year around a powerful running offence and stalwart defense to be in contention for the national collegiate football championship. This past year, I gave up my TV sports package because watching any professional game on the tube was becoming frightfully boring. Thankfully, that has all changed for the better, with increased coverage on the regular channels and the fact that these three teams – hopefully four when the Packers get Rodgers back – are at the peak of their respective games. Don’t get me wrong in thinking that these three teams will ultimately win it all. I am content to enjoy good competition, close games, and the illusion of victory night after night to justify the time spent watching such spectacles. One thing I know for sure is that winners are created on a very subtle, well-tuned combination of talent, training, strategy, luck, and coaching.