The last week or so has produced a mixed bag of success for me in the world of sports, what with Rodgers being knocked for the season with a broken clavicle and Hayward receiving a season ending ankle break. These were two major stars in their respective games of football and basketball, whose absence could dash the hopes of the Packers and Celtics if cooler and wiser headers don’t prevail. However, all is not lost.  I have been an avid fan of the LA Dodgers for over fifty years and, last night, to no one’ great surprise, are going to the World Series, their first appearance since 1988. As one who watched most every game, either on TV or on ESPN gamecast, I can tell you things about this Dodger team as opposed to other editions that came agonizingly close so many times. This is a group of very talented players who can hit deep, run the bases, throw strikes, make defensive gems, and close games, even when one or two stars are out. The most important aspect of their game is the ability of Manager David Roberts to use all his guys to get the maximum potential. Starting pitchers rarely go more than six innings, pinch hitters are used regularly, and lots of platooning or sharing of duties. If it is a Yankee-Dodger final, I will be interested to see how well the Bums hit against the Bronx Bomber flame throwing starting three. At least, now I have some more games to watch as I anxiously await the outcome of America’s most fabled of sporting events: the fabled, outsized World Series. Like in that wonderful epic poem, “Casey at the Bat”, I live with that irrepressible hope that springs eternal in the human breast. Even when the Dodgers lost sixteen straight in September and looked like they were tanking, I knew in my heart that this was too great a team to falter this close to the end, after all the time I invested in following (LOL).