It is four days to go before our big annual holiday, and we have decided to take a break from the packing to do a little Saturday afternoon tour or walkaround of downtown Victoria. We planned this outing to coincide with Heritage Day so we could take advantage of the free admission to museums and galleries around the city. The afternoon was pleasantly warm, less than a week before fall. While we were basically familiar with the core of the Garden City, from the many times we happened to be there for business or pleasure, there were still many sites unfamiliar to us. In the space of two hours, we visited an old Anglican Church, a lawn bowling club, a Bateman gallery, a rose garden, a maritime museum, an old bookstore, and ended with coffee/hot chocolate at our favourite coffee shop, Murchies. Here are ten things we learned from this enlightening experience: (1) that the two original Anglican parishes – the Cathedral and Church of Our Lord – belong to very different brands of Anglicanism; (2) we met our 3rd self-taught organist with a Presbyterian background; (3) we sat in church pews made out twenty-five foot long, solid douglas fir planks constructed in the 1880s; (4) the clubhouse at the fabled old Canadian Pacific Club looked very empty because either some of its members were out on the green or another tournament across the city; (5) there were over twenty varieties of roses in this little garden next to the Empress Fairmont; (6) a lot of the grassy area around Belville and Government is damp and slightly soggy because it is just above sea-level; (7) the painter Robert Bateman likes to work in a number of media: oils, lithograph, acrylics, water colors, and pencil; (8) there were at least ten large CPR steamers which travelled the west coast in the earlier part of the last century; (9) the Rupert Bear Annual is not coming out until November but I ordered one anyway; and (10) I discovered that I am now entitled to a free pumpkin spice latte at Murchies because my loyalty card is full.