The past few weeks have been scary times for drivers in the Greater Victoria area. There isn’t a day goes by when one doesn’t hear of a nasty road accident somewhere nearby: rollovers, collisions, road rage, running a red light, knocking down pedestrians at intersections, and the list goes on. Just up the street, this past week, a local college teacher was knocked off his motorcycle by a driver in a van failing to yield to oncoming traffic. The only way Belle and I survive when it comes to driving around this city is to treat – as my old friend Bob and avid biker himself once said – everyone else behind their respective wheels as idiots intent on harming you. In other words, anticipate trouble by being on the lookout for it. Travel well behind the driver in front; drive 10 kms. slower than the posted speed; know all the intricacies and dangers of the road well and those less travelled; regularly do shoulder-checks; keep both hands on the wheel at all times; always try to learn from other people’s sad mistakes; and, above all else, be calm and focused when executing a dangerous maneuver like a lane switch. A good rule governing all driving with that special person beside you is to allow them to be that extra set of eyes and ears when it comes to picking up on potential danger. After all, their life may stand to gain more if you heed.