I had just settled into a night’s sleep of pleasant dreams when I was awakened with a squeal of tires and a loud bang outside our bedroom window. We live on the top floor looking out over one of the main roads leading into the city of Victoria. Generally at two on a Sunday morning, there is little or no traffic, so right away we knew it had to be something bad. Rushing out to the sunroom, we saw several people, at street-level, quickly rushing over to what looked like the scene of an horrific collision. Piercing the early morning darkness were the very clear wail of one very distraught female voice accompanied by snatches of male conversation probably phoning 9-1-1. Even with the help of high-powered binoculars, it was hard to make out where the car in question was, what caused the accident in the first place, and who was hurt, even given our ‘good’ sightline. Talk about an almost instant transformation; within minutes of the accident, two city blocks were filled with three firetrucks, three ambulances, and nine police cars. Being the lookie-loos that we are, we were able to see the first responders quickly gather up and put what looked like a completely wrapped body in an ambulance – only flashing lights with a police escort – which might suggest a journey to the morgue. At this time, I started to think that maybe this whole sorry affair involved a car running over a jaywalker, of whom we have lots at the bottom of a steep stretch of hill on this four lane street. Adding to the complexity of this mishap, we saw what looked like someone in hoody, standing by a late model economy-size car, filling out forms before being administered a breathalyzer. An hour later, the whole nasty show was over except for several forensic types left to collect the measurements, and we finally returned to bed to make the best of a shortened sleep, still deeply conflicted as to what really happened. On the early morning news, we finally got the first big clue as to the nature of this violent-sounding crash. It was reported as a single-vehicle accident, which shot down my theory about a jaywalker. On return from church, we walked over to the war zone to check the damage.There were skid marks showing a car swerving from the inside to the outside lanes as much as 150 feet back, leaving as evidence two very distinctly long tire marks, before careening into small driveway entrance to another condo building. The collateral damage was noticeable in the form of clipping and knocking over a utility pole and removing chunks of masonite off the exterior wall of the building. While we never did get to see the damaged vehicle, we did see its progression through the small garden out the other side, back on to the road. As for the backseat passenger who was taken to the hospital, we can only conclude that he was the only injured person, hopefully not fatally. To get the true score on this accident, we are going to have to wait until the news media catches up on it. The biggest irony of this morning is that this roadway is more dangerous late at night when traffic is non-existent than during mid-day and rush-hour. It only takes one fool thinking he owns the entire road to prove that cautionary point.