After reading Maikiah Prull’s recent musings in “The Tyee”, I am more convinced than ever that the new Horgan coalition government has a hidden agenda it wants to spring on British Columbians over the next couple of years, if it lasts that long. It involves taking us for a serious test drive on how much the electorate will tolerate when it comes to implementing social policy. As Prull so aptly puts it in his article, it all comes down to getting us to change our values/principles on issues like affordable housing, opioid addiction, global warming, public schooling, and social assistance. It can be argued that the NDP are finally in an advantageous position as government to expand their political base so that they can build a more socially harmonized province where all supposedly benefit from the good life. At face value, such an ideological initiative is nothing more than what typically motivates socialist parties across the globe. Getting bogged down in legislative wrangling, as what happened to the Obama vision in 2009, can only impede the bigger effort to win the hearts and minds of common folk who are looking for greater inclusion and government nannyism in a very polarized society of haves versus have-nots.