After thirty-nine years of marital bliss, I have to say it has been more than just an exciting ride that I naturally don’t want to end. It has become an incredibly important learning curve where both Belle and I are forever testing our limits as to what we can take on. Those probative efforts are jointly meant to gently push each other to try out new ideas so that our shared life doesn’t become humdrum. Books, movies, strangers, sports, hobbies, food, big ideas, travel, money, and shopping are all part of the mix. Our little condo here in the big city is full of reminders of what has and hasn’t worked to date. Overarching all these earthly interests is the fact that Belle and I are committed Christians who love God and want to serve Him in reaching out to our fellow individuals. To accomplish that goal we must conduct ourselves as working in tandem as a husband and wife who can build each up other through the good and bad times. For us, that means being willing to learn from and respond to each other every time we are together. That often means discovering a lot of what we have in common, like TV programs, books, food, and flowers, and like to share. Yes, Belle is the number one person in my life, next to God, for the simple reason she has become so much an indispensable part of me. Her unflagging efforts to make our retirement such an enjoyable experience speaks to the depth of stewardship she has in this marriage. As one who originally came to this relationship with little appreciation for money, other than spend it, Belle continues to teach me the importance of saving and living modestly through setting achievable goals, being intelligently informed, and thinking of others. Along the way, we have been blessed with making some timely decisions that only affirm the wisdom of patiently working through an initiative with a logical plan in hand. No sense of entitlement here because we are always looking to push our boundaries to new limits. Today is a time to celebrate another anniversary date, tempered by the truth that God has, in all things, been good to us. We are not blind to the fact that we are not as limber as we once were but that should not alter the reality that our Heavenly Father gave us each other: Belle for wisdom and encouragement; Ian for affirmation and affection. When these qualities fuse, a dynamic tandem usually forms and bears fruit in so many diverse ways.