There are special times in the day when something clicks, a light comes on, and you break into the fifth level that big bang theorists talk about when the building blocks of life come together. Already this week, we have had numerous such events where people have crossed our paths as if it were destiny; ideas, like flowers bloom at just that right moment when joy is needed; and that timely word out of the blue that suddenly and irrevocably changes our futures for the better. All we have to do is make the most of these serendipities as they enhance, enlarge, enlighten and improve our too often doldrums. If only our civic leaders operated with the same zest for living off the unexpected, instead of working to a script. Here are five profoundly unexpected incidents that affected me greatly this past week to the point that I plan to make something positive of them. One, I met a man named Peter while in the checkout at Walmart tonight. During our brief chat, I learned that we both loved the game of pool, likely worked at Granduc Mine back in the summer 1973, and knew a guy name Gordie who oversees the maintenance of the grass at my lawn-bowling club. Such an amazing encounter between strangers underscores, once again, how much we learn when we choose to talk to others we don’t know. Two, we have planted three pumpkins in our community garden, along with numerous other vegetables. What we were not prepared for was the awesome growth these plants underwent this past forty-eight hours. Watering twice a day during this hot spell has caused incredible verdancy. I am starting to think that maybe we haven’t left enough space for the 25 lb fruit yet to come. Three, somebody from the garden community gave us an avacado tree grown from a stone or pit. Along with another tropical plant we are presently nursing in our sunroom, this plant, as it matures, will definitely reduce the CO2 from the street below. Four, I have suddenly developed a serious taste for toasted bagels and cream cheese, thanks in no small part to the culinary likes of one of my clients. The crunch, the tasty sensation that comes from biting into a freshly baked one is great beyond imagination, especially when accompanied with cream cheese,┬ásliced tomatoes, and ground pepper. Five, then there is one of my favorite communion hymns – ‘O Lamb of God’ – as sung by the Boys Choir of America, in which the writer recalls that occasion in Heaven when Father God released his only begotten son to come to earth (sinful sod) to be that sacrificial and redemptive Lamb for fallen humanity. Such a sacred moment put to exquisitely worshipful music. Such are some of the great thrills of a too-often ordinary existence. Oh, yes, if only I had time to describe how I acted on impulse and bought an inflatable dinghy to float around the Gorge Waterway – not realizing that it was only suited for 210 lbs, 20 under my present weight. Guess what, I am now inspired to lose that weight or sink in the process.