One of the reasons I have cancelled my TV sports package is that I can no longer endure the growing presence of extreme sports being showcased on the network, especially vicious activities like Mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting championships. Early this morning, as I was doing my usual survey of late-breaking news on the net, I came across a story that proves my point not only about the martial arts but about Canadian professional football. They are both ‘blood’ sports that emphasize the need to hit, pummel and punish opponents beyond what is reasonable. It goes like this. Last night in Edmonton, Adam Braidwood, in an undercard, beat Tim Hague senseless in the second round. Talk about a mismatch and a farce! ¬†Braidwood, a recently retired Edmonton Eskimo DB, in great shape and looking to move up in the world rankings, literally destroyed Hague, a broken-down, has-been fighter who has a history of head concussions. Watching the bout on YouTube reminded me of that old bible story about David and Goliath, except Tim didn’t have a sling in his arsenal.