So far gardening in our own little allotment box is proving a great tonic. We are getting to see seed germinate, plants come to life, meet fellow gardeners, try new techniques, sample fruit, kick back and read or have a good chat with old friends, and genuinely feel good about the moment. Yesterday afternoon’s visit accomplished all of the above in the space of an hour plus more, the latter being a chance to meet with a couple of fellow condo owners to share and solve a mutual concern.  Out of this whole experience I  find myself listening to Vermont Radio’s various gardening shows more often for tips. Words like borage (pollinators) are now part of my botanical vocabulary, though I am not quite sure where we would put one or two in our small space. If you want to understand better our exquisite experience, check out Gorge Community Garden on the Web. It is truly amazing what the soil can yield when growing conditions come together in perfect harmony: warm soil, moisture, southern aspect, good drainage, and careful planning. This is an avocation where we get to raise some of our own food while watching others enjoy a similar thrill. Such conditions are the ingredients that foster community in a way that politics and the arts do not. Great work, Gabe.