I know of an elderly couple from Oregon who, after a chaotic six months of Trump in the White House, still see themselves as loyal Christian supporters or Trumpites. Technically, they would likely be part of the 32% base that still adores the Donald as he struggles to look presidential while tweeting up to a thousand tweets a day. What America has on its hands today is a man who is unfit to be president because he is unwilling to learn how to manage the job in a dignified and professional manner. If he is not railing at his opponents by openly calling them liars, then he is indulging in narcissistic behavior that shows he has no intention of seeking the council of his inner circle. As in the Comey case, you don’t even have to have been in the inner sanctum to be fired, Apprentice-style. Just hedge on giving him loyalty and you’re out. Many of his arbitrary executive orders against illegal immigrants and Muslims have been shot down in flames by the courts. Many of America’s allies, especially those backing NATO and climate cooperation are running scared because he outrightly refuses to support either in their present form. On numerous occasions, Trump appears to be unprepared, uninformed and out of touch with the geopolitical realities across the globe. He doesn’t like to read; he makes up words; he sends confused messages; he is not an articulate speaker; and he is hardly a dealmaker if his track record to date of failed legislative initiatives is anything to go by. So who is responsible for this seeming fiasco? In a recent Politico blog, one of its contributing bloggers put the blame strictly in the court of the Republican Party. It can’t be the voter because, like the consumer, they are only exercising what is rightly theirs. Also, it can’t be Congress, because this present alignment is not working all that well for Trump in supporting his legislative agenda. And it doesn’t make sense to blame the media because they were doing their best to either highlight the strengths or weakness of a potential Trump presidency, which most of us didn’t believe possible until it actually happened. So that leaves only the Republican Party Committee holding the bag on this one. Last fall,  the Party caved in, after Cleveland, and allowed Trump supporters to get elected to key posts in states around the union. It is not hard to predict that as Trump goes, so will the party. There is the thought that VP Pence on the ticket was their way out of an embarrassment if Trump should prove a disaster and end up being impeached. If he should survive till 2020, there is no saying that the Republicans would be able to keep their hold on the Senate, and win the White House again.