It has been nearly two weeks since the BC provincial election as a final result has not been registered. Everything seems to hang on a judicial recount in Courtenay-Comox and 170k absentee votes. If the Liberals win the recount here, they get to form government by the slimmest of majorities. As someone who unreservedly voted for them and work tirelessly to get one of their better candidates elected, I am, needless to say, sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the results this coming week. Having said that, and being the political realist that I am, I am quite prepared for unfavourable results. Without that slim majority, a NDP-Green coalition will ultimately form government, even they will find it incredibly difficult to rule with a majority of one. There is also a part of me that tells me that the Clark government should not yield to any of the Greens’ radical demands on the environment but, instead, use the opportunity to surrender the field in search of new leadership and vision. Many voters switched from Liberal to Green as a way of telling the LIberals that they can’t expect to continue winning on a strong economy platform. We lost four seats in Metro Vancouver simply because housing, hospitals, and social services were more important than a robust economy. Taking an eighteen month hiatus from being government would allow for this party to come back stronger in an election sure to be called in 2019 as the NDP-Green arrangement collapses from internal dissent. As much as I hate to say this, the time has once again come to see how the NDP-Green plan to pay for their grandiloquent plans to politically re-engineer the province. I would not be surprised if Weaver’s progressive ideas for turning the province green will prove infinitely more reckless than Site C or Kinder Morgan.