Every so often we are called on to adjust our attitude as to how we attempt to live. For me, it is usually a matter of taking on too much and having to cut back in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed, tired, and burned out. Resetting my priorities comes down to eliminating or reducing certain commitments by cutting the number of hours given to certain activities. For example, I like lawn bowling so much that if I had my way I would be at club seven days a week rolling bowls and hopefully winning my share of games. The problem there is that it would not allow for too much else in my life other than sleeping, eating and brief encounters with my wonderful wife. I can handle those kinds of constraints easily because I am a multi-dimensional person who has, on the whole,  learned to manage time responsibly. However, there are occasions when I need an ‘invisible hand’ to perform a gentle shoulder tap or not-so-gentle shake to remind me that I need to introduce some much needed change into my pedestrian existence. Yesterday, two such aha moments happened within hours of each other. First, I was skipping a triples game of bowls with two dear old ladies as my partners. While I am thoroughly aware of their love for the game, I can’t vouch for their skill level. In the fourth end, I started to see clear evidence that these two fine gals were not up to playing the game at my competitive level. How bad were they? One hadn’t touched a bowl for nearly a year and the other was struggling to hold on to one. It didn’t help that our opponents were setting long jacks and making it impossible to get anywhere close to it. Consequently, the game came down to me trying to hold the fort against three of them, two of whom could roll at least jack high. In the end, even with my very accurate runners or take-outs, they piled up an embarrassing 32-4 victory. After the fourth, we were never in the game. Afterwards, on the way home, it suddenly occurred to me that I never want to play this wonderful game at this level again. Club bowling, as it stands, is usually a social affair where players don’t get on each other if they throw a wrong bias or can’t make it over the hogline. To avoid ever getting caught in that kind of no-win situation, I have decided to form a Tuesday afternoon mini-league of competitive bowlers who will meet to play and enjoy the game at its competitive best. So far I have five takers with the possibility of more. The second attitudinal change came Saturday afternoon when I found out that the Library Cloud e-book reading program no longer works on my tablet. No amount of tweeking, fixing, reloading, or restarting altered the fact that my three-year-old Samsung Galaxy can no longer support my access to a great reading resource. As an avid reader I like reading hard copy as well as its digital counterpart. Unfortunately, I was seriously starting to fall behind with the latter, with up to eight books piling up on this platform. Now, because it no longer works, I am faced with making a choice: get a new tablet with bigger memory; strip more apps like Coursera in order to increase memory; or just move on by ordering the hard copy through the library at a less ambitious pace. The third option seems like the best one because it removes the temptation to load up on books that I am taking too long to get around to, thus depriving others of the pleasure of a good read. Added to which, I don’t feel guilty every time I can’t get to my tablet to read my allotted forty pages, which seems quite often these days.