I have followed and been involved in many elections during my life, but last night’s provincial election tops them all. It was a nail biter and cliffhanger right from the get-go. For once, the pollsters got it right: too close to call. When all the votes are counted by late next week, it all comes down to less than a hundred votes in a couple of swing ridings. While my Liberal candidate in Esquimalt-Metchosin didn’t get in because the anti-Clark tide was working against her, the government was able to win a minority by the end of a very long evening of back-and-forth in a number of ridings. It was the rise in the Green vote that caught everyone by surprise. A rise of 8 points in the popular vote and tripling of seats in the legislature means that this fledgling party that boasts of being the true guardians of the environment, now has the balance of power. As a moderate Liberal, I welcome every opportunity to work with the Greens in an attempt to bring about electoral reform and environmental initiatives. The NDP, as the main opposition, need to be consulted, ¬†too, when it comes to ideas that would address the growing housing and fentanyl crises.