Talking with a family member the other day about my ongoing efforts to treat my tendinitis, she reminded me about her own year long struggles with soft-tissue issues in her forearm. For her, like me, it has come down to trying to find the right conditions under which to give the respective joint and all its complex set of muscle, tendons and ligaments time and space to recuperate. My injury started over two months ago from a repetitive stress situation at work where I was using my right wrist to scan items at a very fast pace over long periods of time. As pointed out to me through diagrams and literature, the wrist and the elbow are intricately interconnected through a band or sheath of muscle, which, if subjected to an inordinate amount of strain, can become sore, inflamed, and even tear. Since leaving my job as a cashier, because conditions were not improving even with a change in work conditions, I have striven to find that ideal regimen where I can both remain active and sedentary. I now wear my wrist brace to bed to prevent myself from rolling over on my arm and reinjuring myself. Every morning I ice my arm for ten minutes before applying heat. If I use the computer for any keyboarding, I try to remember to use the brace. Work Safe BC is presently processing my claim, and have requested that I attend a meeting with them tomorrow at the work site to demonstrate how I got the injury. I do limited short mat bowling with the help of a elbow brace and try avoiding lifting more than ten pounds with my right arm. Compounding all this is the fact that I have come down with a case of pityariasis or dry-skin rash, which started in the days of the job back around Christmas. Luckily, this condition will eventually disappear as the weather warms up and the humidity increases. When I have time to reflect on my earlier decision to return to the workforce, I wonder if I would have been so eager back then if I knew what I know now: that full-time cashing in a near full-employment economy is not meant for old men whose strength is on the wane. My physical exercise these days is going for a daily hour walk, weather permitting, and up-and-down four flights of stairs to pick up mail, go shopping, take out the trash, and go for a short stroll. While indoors, I work on my book, read, listen to music, play chess, watch films, be with Belle, and blog. Here’s to hoping that the weather will start warming up so that I am encouraged to get out more.