It is Thursday morning, January 18th, one day before Trump’s swearing-in, and I am about to attend my twenty-third day on the job as cash checkout/clerk for a big grocery company in Victoria. After one month on the job, I have to concede that the work, though somewhat tedious, does have its moments of exhilaration like the other day when a former student, from a decade ago in Smithers, came through  the checkout. That truly was a brilliant experience that added to the flavor of all those wonderful people I get to touch base with while ringing through their groceries. It has been my privilege to also hear the stories of co-workers as they talk about their affinity for the job. Some want to make a career of it because the store definitely rewards long term loyalty. Many of the old timers will attest to the fact that the job offers a ‘decent’ wage and benefits after so many years.Then there are those who aspire to going back to school to pick up a trade or looking for a better paying job in the interim. And then there is the likes of me who only wants to get back into a work routine to restore some discipline into my soft life. So far, I believe I have succeeded in more ways than one. I use my free time more effectively, what with helping around the condo, being with my beautiful wife, and attending to personal tasks. I am also learning to be a better problem-solver while knowing my limitations. Just recently I had to remove myself from a local board because I could no longer attend meetings on a regular basis and, also, I put myself on the inactive list for basketball refs because of schedule conflicts. I want to start living a life where I am more focussed on doing two or three things well rather than six or seven things mediocre.