I have now completed five weeks of work and here is what I have learned so far. One, the capacity to learn to work through little problems at the till, which can be many, in the course of an eight-hour shift; two, I am learning to work outside the proverbial box when it comes to resolving awkward situations; three, my employer, a large national grocery retailer, is finding it hard to retain its cashiers. Most, especially the older ones, have high-tailed it out long ago for quieter spots like the bakery, deli, and meats. Four, for the most part, customers are a friendly bunch who want to chat. When that is not the case, I quickly move to expedite matters. Five, technology is critical to the smooth running of any high-powered operation. Have that act up and life, like Wednesday night, can quickly founder. Six, there are numerous tasks to be done in a given night, suggesting that a company may frown on employees standing around. Seven, Victoria is definitely a city of one to two degrees of separation. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t meet somebody from my past, as long as forty years ago. Eight, university students are very willing to talk abut their studies. Nine, much of what is sold is processed food, with deli food, candy, chips and soft drinks. Finally, ten, strange things seem to happen when there is  a full moon. To show you how competitive this market is about to become, three new grocery stores are opening soon in the west end. On a different front, I received good news that I am being hired as a paid companion for an elderly man for one day a week. For the time being, my employer is willing to accommodate my needs. Over all, I am learning to manage my free time more effectively in terms of what I get accomplished while getting the requisite sleep.