Here is my list of twenty big social and political issues I will be following in 2017 as the world grapples with the need for clarity and solutions:

A. The need for healthcare reform in Canada and the United States;

B. The need for social housing for the homeless in Victoria;

C. The need to cut off the flow of fentanyl into the province;

D. The Conservative Party’s need to choose a new leader;

E. Determining what the Trump agenda is;

F. Learning who BC voters want for a government in May;

G. Determining if the Trudeau government has the moxy to turn the economy around;

I. Is there a Syrian peace settlement in the works?

J. Is the BC government’s plan for mortgage assistance doable?

K. Where should the promised new money for public education in BC go?

L. Should there be a national carbon tax?

M. How should Canada deal with Trump protectionist policies?

N. Is Putin a menace to global peace?

O. How will I go about keeping my weight in check?

P. Should the CBC be privatized?

Q. Is Trump really the charmed negotiator he claims to be?

R. Should pipelines continue to be built?

S. Who will the NDP select as their new leader and how will the Leap Manifesto influence that outcome?

T. What will happen to Canada’s rising consumer debt in 2017 and is there any way to reverse it?