For the past five days I have been fitting mysel back into the workforce; this time as a lowly grocery clerk for a major food retail outlet in the city. At sixty-four I need to get more focused in my life when it comes to making sense of life.  Till now, my time was full of a number of unrelated activities that were essentially self-centered and self-serving. Reading, blogging, lawn bowling, reffing, and shopping had become tne sum total of my earthly existence, so the need to broaden my perspective by getting out more into this great cultural desmene called Victoria. The answer I believe is found in going back to work in order to gain a stronger sense of purpose, direction, relationship, and ability. Nothing like working a till for eight hours in a busy grocery store to begin to get your mind on your work. While customer relations has never been a problem for me, incorporating a whole new bunch of routines involving times, numbers and responsibilities is keeping me on my toes.There are price codes to remember, checking in and checking out times, codes to get in and out of the building, numerous duties to attend to, floor space to be familiar with,  and schedules to meet. As I see it, thirty-two hours a week will be sufficient to help me become a better organized and more efficient person at sixty-five.