Next week I write, for the sixth year straight, the annual national basketball officials exam. Though I have no interest in officiating at the higher levels of the game – my age being the big prohibitive factor here – I like to write this test as a way of making sure that I bring a good command of the rules to every game I ref in the city. After doing some studying, followed by a couple of practice tests, here are some situations I need to remind myself of:

1.Intervals only occur before the game, between quarters and at half-time in the form of intermissions of no-play;

2. Fouled in the act of shooting will always result in two shots;

3. A player passing the ball cannot follow it and start dribbling again. He can, however shoot, miss the hoop, and start the dribble again;

4. Team A can have the clock reset in the front court if the play is stopped to deal with an injury on the other side;

5. A team can get a basket, two foul shots, and possession in the front court resulting from a common foul and unsportsmanlike foul in one phase;

6.The shot clock is not automatically reset if the ball in being thrown in strikes the bucket. The clock has to be running in order for it to be reset;

7. A three-point shot deflected or touched or deflected in flight will count if it goes in before the shot clock expires;

8. On the final foul shot, if the shooter and an opponent violate the lane, only the former is charged with a violation:

9. Anyone not on the court during a technical can take the short if he is subbed in;

10. On the over-and-back infraction, control of the ball has to be established in the front court before the ball is recovered in the back court;

11. Landing with the ball on one foot and then taking off again on the same foot is fine as long as the player doesn’t then land, in bunny hop fashion, and switch to the other foot;

12. No screens from the backside;

13. On breakaway situation, a common foul is called if the player is in the act of shooting;

14. The game starts when the ball is tossed; if that is violated, the toss is redone, or, in the case of a foul,  a technical is first administered before the rejump;

15. A team does not lose the possession arrow if it turns the ball over because of a foul;

16. Recount of the eight-second backcourt takes places only if the other side has committed a violation like kicking the ball out of bounds or knocks it back over the centre line;

17. 2/10ths of a second is the minimum allowed for a redirected shot for basket;

18. No interference with a shot after the horn goes;

19. Upper body braces are permitted;

20. Clock reset to 25 secs for boys and 19 secs for girls.