The other night, after an intensive game of bowls at the club, I came home to relax, check out my e-mails, and read. Before too long, I was deep into reconnecting with an old friend from a former life who had just been laid off as a pilot for a majorĀ airline carrier that had just declared bankruptcy. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to send my best wishes and reconnect with a few others from the old haunts. Most of us have truly dispersed to the four winds, except dear Doug and one other mysterious character I worked with as a teacher for over a decade. Jim was one of those types who somehow rose to be a school administrator against incredible odds but I will let him tell that story if he wants to. Seeing him on Facebook last night brought back a flood of memories, so much so that I thought I would do a google search to see what else I could find on the man. What I discovered was that Jim had contributed a couple of negative product reviews for Amazon, all very legitimate, except one really stood out as being so typical of the guy I worked with years ago. Jim likes reading motivational books because he has an inferiority complex. He needs, like some of us, to impress on people that he knows something about being a leader in the field. To that end, he used to buy these books and get his colleagues to read them because, as principal, he didn’t have time himself. Upon return of the book, he would then ask the designated reader to summarize what it was all about. This way he could impress others that he had read it without even opening its covers. I got taken in a couple of times myself only because I was interested in learning what the man considered good literature. As it turned out, pretty shallow stuff. Forward six years and the scenario has changed ever so slightly. Colleagues are no longer doing his bidding so Jim has to go out and order the abbreviated form of the book in question, Coles Notes in other words. This time, his short and somewhat peevish review expressed outrage that for $85 he had been sold a bill of goods. But because he had been told so many great things about this author he was still going to take a chance and order the complete book.