Yesterday was the sixtth Labor Day we’ve spent here in the Greater Victoria area. Of those six, we have clear memories of spending four of those somewhere outside doing a recreational activity such cycling, hiking or visiting the fair. Yesterday came with a bit of a twist. We decided to give the Saanich Fair another go, this time with me going to work at the BC Liberal Party booth while Belle knocked around some of the agricultural exhibits. The day promised to be pleasant so why not make the journey out into the peninsula to get an early sense of fall color and the harvest. During the course of the day, we got to meet some old friends from Smithers, some new faces from around, and a number of curious and brilliant spectacles. Nothing like a good Fall Fair to end the summer and usher in autumn. It is a great bracer to remind us all that certain things need to be done going into the cooler months. For instance. I want to can some salmon so that means I need to find a supply of coho or sockeye. Then there is the need to get in some remaining lawn bowling practice before the Senior Games in Coquitlam. Factor in the completion of my summer reading and you’ll get the picture that I am transitioning to another season, realizing that I will have fewer hours of sunlight to work things out. To that end, I have my solar lights out in the sunroom to create a nice late evening shimmer. Oh, yes, US college football has started up with my beloved Notre Dame losing a close one in Austin Sunday night. Just like clockwork, the temperatures cooled off considerably last Wednesday which has made sleeping a lot easier these nights. Saying all this, what can we do for an encore? Sure enough, Monday afternoon we decided to visit the local ER to get my eye looked at. Since I have a history of retinal tears and vitreal hemorrhaging, I needed to get a small concern looked at. Since it was Labor Day, I thought it would simply be a matter of an hour at most. Alas, what seemed to be a great day quickly turned into a three to four hour stay in a crowded lounge bustling with doctors, nurses, technicians, patients, and families. To show that you cannot count on anything running smoothly in Emergency, the doctor who had been assigned to check me out was almost at the door to the examining room when he was paged to attend a serious trauma situation involving a car crash in the city. During this time, I did get to finish Marquez’s book “Nobody Writes to the Colonel” and, at the end, got a referral to an ophthalmologist making it home before seven for a nice supper of Chinese leftovers. To cap off the day, my Dodgers won and widened their lead in the NL West to four games. I settled down after supper to finish reading Julian Barne’s great little novella (The Noise of Time) on the turbulent life of Dmitri Shostakovitch.