I am regularly looking for information that I can trust in order to appraise a situation effectively. Recently, I have encountered four situations where my ability to accurately judge a situation has been greatly impaired by a lack of good data or facts. One, until I learned the true composition of Tent City in downtown Victoria, I was not fully aware how politically orchestrated the whole protest really was, with one of its main architects living in the midst of the encampment and new campers being brought in as others left. Two, I always thought that Donald Trump was nothing more than a bully with political aspirations to win the ultimate prize. Now, as  I regularly check a wide array of liberal and conservative blogs, I am persuaded that the man is dangerously unbalanced in his narcissistic views. Three, there is more to my friend’s efforts at self-promotion on Facebook. Secretly, by promoting all his accomplishments in local lawn bowling, he may actually be showcasing the game as a golden opportunity to enjoy recreation while adding silverware to your trophy case. Four, I thought that Christy Clark’s rise to power in BC was a relatively upward and outward experience that bespoke charisma and ambition as unbeatable qualities; that is until I read a chapter in Judy Tyabji’s “Christy Clark: the woman behind the Smile”. Here, I was reminded why many Liberals like myself voted for her leadership quest in the first place. In 2012 and early 2013 there was a concerted effort, much supported by the opposition NDP and unions, to dump her as leader and premier. It seems that the old Campbell guard didn’t like her which was reflected in her initial low polling numbers. What she did at this time, instead of running scared, was to start rebuilding the party by putting together a new team of candidates and financial supporters in readiness for the 2013 election. While it didn’t look good going into that contest, in hindsight it was Clark’s gritty determination to focus on the economy that turned that one around. Woe to anyone who tries to assess a situation or person with only half the information needed. In all four of these cases,  I was allowed a chance to understand the real backstory that then helps me appreciate what is truly going on and be supportive where I can.