Yesterday I got a stern reminder that one’s health should never become a matter of last-minute risk taking. As I have explained in earlier blogs, I have a recent history of retinal tears and vitreal hemorrhaging which needs to be watched so that it doesn’t get worse. A detached retina is the ultimate threat that, if not treated within a day usually results in permanent loss of sight. The solution is as simple as getting the tears treated with laser surgery. Four weeks ago, just as we were about to head off to Bermuda, I noticed some floaters on the margins of my left eye. Because they were small and I didn’t have time to get them looked at, I decided to let them go. After all, the retinal surgeon had told me the last time they appeared that they often reabsorb into the retina over time. Over the course of two weeks in paradise, they did not diminish but seemed to get  a little more visible but still hanging out on the edge. Even though we had adequate travel insurance for such catastrophic situations, our hope was that it would never have to be used, given the fact that Bermudan health services are not as equipped to handle special needs as its Canadian or American counterpart. On returning home last week, I decided to get the issue looked at by a specialist, not as straightforward as one might think, because everything proceeds by way of a referral at the lower levels. That means visiting the emergency facility at our city hospital where there happens to be a major eye clinic that does all kinds of retinal procedures. When I finally got in front of a retinal surgeon two days later, it took him but minutes to discover that there was a small tear in the retina of the offending eye. A hour later, in the space of five minutes, he had the tear ‘welded’ and I was on my way, with a cautionary reminder not to be so cavalier with my visual health. For me, it doesn’t make sense to let such matters go unchecked since I depend on my sight for so many wonderful activities: reading, blogging, film watching, enjoying my grandkids growing up, enjoying nature, staring into the wonderful eyes of my dear wife, lawn bowling, playing and reffing basketball, and shopping. In future I will never take chances when I now realize afresh that a stitch in time definitely saves nine and especially an inoperable tear.