Weighing in as a somewhat liberated male who wants to be more understanding of the other side, I found this novel to be a refreshing attempt to bridge that gap and create a new understanding. Face it: the feminist movement, as it represents the needs of women in society, will not achieve ultimate success unless it brings more men on side. The story here involves a young journalist named Everett who suddenly finds himself at a crossroads in his career. Living in a world where he seems to simply move from one assignment to another, Everett needs a spiritual change of scenery to shake up his perspective on life. This transformation will take place in the most comical and improbable of circumstances: starting with being talked into going to Florida to look after an ailing dad he hardly knows or really cares for all because his mum has promised to cover all his expenses. It is at this point of departure that Everett’s ordinary life takes off with a bang. He has discovered the power of the Internet to make a difference in people’s lives. But it is not that simple in the world of unintended consequences coming out of a new technology. It will take a big idea or two, a lot of connecting with some very inspirational people, a dose of courage, and some very curious circumstances to make it all happen. Everett will become a blogger on a mission to fight sexism, male chauvinism, sex abuse and exploitation. What he unleashes in this venture is nothing short of amazing. He has decided to go undercover and declare war on a large strip-joint operation about to open nearby. His attempt to right an obvious injustice will galvanize some very powerful forces on both sides of the debate while creating some humorous moments to lighten up the moment. While his blog creates quite a buzz in social media, he will not achieve a breakthrough until he goes public and squares off with the real enemy. “Poles Apart” is a novel that offers a powerful social message wrapped up in a delightfully funny story line involving disparate individuals looking to understand each other better. The initial victories here, while seeming to be sensational, are nothing more than steps in the right direction in an effort to get the word out to both sexes that women need to be treated fairly and equally.